The MoT Files: Top 10 SUVs for passing the first MoT

These 10 family SUVs are the best performers when it comes to passing the first MoT – currently required when a car turns three years old.

While there are several premium, and therefore expensive, models towards the top of the list, spending a lot of money doesn’t always guarantee reliability and there are some lower priced SUVs that stood a good chance of sailing through their first MoT.

These are the 10 best performing SUVs for three-year-old cars taking their first MoT. The test data dates from 2016, so these are cars that were new in 2013.

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Audi Q3 – 91.0% pass rate

The Audi Q3 has gained many fans with its looks and chunky SUV-like practicality, but it will also win appreciation thanks to its reliability – 91 per cent of Q3s made it through their first MoT.

Things bode well for the future, too, as it has the same 91 per cent chance of making it through its MoT full stop. The few failures that Q3s suffered were down to tyres and lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, which accounted for almost three per cent of fails.

Click here to see the Audi Q3's MoT File


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