The MoT Files: Top 10 SUVs for passing the first MoT

These 10 family SUVs are the best performers when it comes to passing the first MoT – currently required when a car turns three years old.

While there are several premium, and therefore expensive, models towards the top of the list, spending a lot of money doesn’t always guarantee reliability and there are some lower priced SUVs that stood a good chance of sailing through their first MoT.

These are the 10 best performing SUVs for three-year-old cars taking their first MoT. The test data dates from 2016, so these are cars that were new in 2013.

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Volkswagen Tiguan – 90.3% pass rate

The VW Tiguan’s overall MoT pass rate is decent, but it makes a much better fist of passing in the first year, with more than 90 per cent getting a clean bill of health first time around.

When it does fail, the reasons are fairly simple, with lights and tyres the most common problems. The latter might be a simple, and expected, wear and tear issue, but headlamp aim is a small but simple job that you might need to get the garage to carry out.

Click here to see the Volkswagen Tiguan's MoT File


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