Top 10: Screwdriver Sets for Garages & Workshop Use

Most of us will never throw away a still-working screwdriver, but that usually means over the years you collect an unsightly mix of brands, sizes and grips all living in a case that they don't fit properly into. Keep a clear head and a tidy garage with a new screwdriver set for less money than you might think.


Stanley 34-piece Screwdriver Set

An inexpensive screwdriver set that covers a lot of bases, this collection from Stanley has a great deal to offer. Comprised of 13 screwdrivers including two with Torx heads, it also has a bit-holding screwdriver with a selection of 20 bits, making it ready for just about any situation.

It comes in a sturdy case for easy transportation and is frequently available for around £20, making it a real bargain.

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Stanley - STANLEY Screwdriver Set 34 pcs - STHT0-62141


Draper 70-piece Screwdriver and Socket Set

A brand with a well-deserved reputation for quality and value, this screwdriver and socket set from Draper is ideal for those who want to build their home equipment collection from a good starting point.

The kit includes 18 sockets, 21 screwdrivers and other useful accessories such as flexible extension shaft for hard-to-reach spots and a magnetic pick-up tool.


Draper Tools 44-piece Screwdriver Set and Stand

Another high-value set from Draper, this kit is designed to sit permanently in your garage or workshop on its tidy stand.

As well as the most common Philips and flat-head screwdrivers the set also includes Pozidriv and Torx bits to go with the bit driver, and a useful selection of Allen keys. It also comes with the added reassurance of a standard Draper lifetime warranty.

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Draper 44 Piece Screwdriver Hex key & Bit Set with Stand - 81294 - Soft Grip Screwdrivers Tools with Hex keys


Am-Tech Eight-piece Professional Screwdriver Set

Anyone looking for a hardy set of screwdrivers that can handle the abuse of a typical home workshop should take a close look at this offering from Amtech.

The eight-piece collection is made up of four Philips and four flat-head screwdrivers, with each one featuring a PVC handle with hexagon bolsters so you can use a spanner or wrench for additional torque. Each head is also made from hardened chrome vanadium steel with magnetic tips, helping you to keep your screws under control.


Wera Kraftform Kompact 52-piece Socket and Bit Set

This is a high-end set from Wera, who have a huge range of quality tools and socket sets for those with a bigger budget. This particular kit comprises of 52 parts, with 30 BiTorsion bits and 12 Impaktor bits with longer shafts. It also includes Hex-Plus profile Allen keys that allow 20% additional torque, and the whole thing is supplied in a textile box that won't damage delicate surfaces.

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Wera Kraftform Kompakt 100 Screwdriving Service Kit, 52pc 05057460001


Draper 45-piece Screwdriver Bit and Driver Set

A low-cost but wide-use bit set from Draper, it contains a a comprehensive collection of 44 bits including metric and imperial security hex, with each piece made from hardened and tempered with a shot blast finish. There is a sturdy quarter-inch driver to fit them to, and a secure plastic case to carry them with ease.

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Draper 45 Piece Security Screwdriver Set | Magnetic Precision Driver Kit | 25mm 1/4" Bits | Soft Grip Hand Tools Set | Heavy- Duty Storage Case | 82399


Stanley 26-piece Screwdriver Set and Rack

This offering from Stanley is an ideal choice for the home mechanic who is looking for a screwdriver set to install - and keep - in their workshop. The 26 screwdrivers, including Torx and Pozidriv ends, are finished in the distinctive black and yellow Stanley colours and sit in a matching storage rack, so you'll know immediately if one has gone astray.

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062142 Screwdriver Set in Rack, 26 Piece


Halfords 30-piece Advanced Screwdriver and Bit Set

If you're seeking a new screwdriver set with a good balance of value and quality it's worth considering this offering from Halford's Advanced range of products.

This 30-piece set includes eight full-size screwdrivers with tough handles, a driver with accompanying 14 bits and a set of precision screwdrivers for small-scale work. There's also a handy flexi-drive attachment for hard to reach spots and a smart carry case too.


Wera Kraftform Plus 12-piece Screwdriver Set

Another high-quality offering from Wera, this 12-piece screwdriver set has a number of smart features to make life easier for you.

Each screwdriver has a mix of hard and soft zones in the grip for quick turning but also easy torque transfer, while some of the tips feature a laser-finish that grips into the screw more easily to reduce slippage. The set also comes ready in a wall-mountable stand for easy access.

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Wera XXL Kraftform Plus All-Round Screwdriver Set, PH/PZ/SL, 12PC, 05051010001


Mannesmann 130-piece Socket and Bit Set

Offering a remarkable 130 pieces for around £20, this socket and bit set from Mannesmann will tackle a broad range of jobs with ease.

The set includes a screwdriver and ratchet as well as T-handle for tough jobs, 13 sockets and over 60 bits, Allen keys and Torx drives. Despite the price it also comes with a ten-year warranty to boot.

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Mannesmann Socket and Bit Set (130 Pieces)