Where Can I Get Cheap MoT Insurance Cover?

What is MoT insurance?

Those kind and helpful insurance people are only too willing to provide cover for life’s unfortunate moments, and a failed MoT is one of them. The specifics vary considerably depending on the kind of policy you get but the basic premise is the same; MoT insurance will pay out for the cost of repairs if your car fails its MoT test, so you don’t have to. Some dealers will offer you the cover, specifically on used vehicles of course but you can also find third-party providers who offer this kind of cover.

What is covered by MoT insurance?

For MoT insurance this particular aspect is absolutely crucial; the small print is everything. What is generally true across most of the policies we have seen is that consumables aren’t covered - so tyres that are illegally worn, brake discs or pads that are too worn or an exhaust system that is blowing may well be excluded.

Some policies also draw a distinction on how a component came to fail as to whether it is covered or not, saying the lighting system is covered under failure but not if they are damaged as a result of vandalism or an accident. Windscreen wipers also appear to be a particular sticking point, as some policies will cover the windscreen wiper system but not the blades - they count as a consumable.

The bottom line then is clear. Any policy you consider must be examined with ruthless precision and you must be fully aware of the exclusions before you sign up. It may also be worth considering whether spending a little more on preventative maintenance may be better value than a monthly premium for MoT cover; if you have to spend an hour checking your car over before its MoT test to see if any of the items excluded from your insurance will fail, you are halfway to preventing it from failing in the first place. The average cost of MoT repairs is under £100 which is far below the level of protection per MoT offered by most policies.

How do I get cheap MoT insurance?

The big price comparison sites don’t currently allow you to compare prices for MoT insurance which gives you some indication that the market for it is limited. If you’re buying a used or nearly-new car from a dealer and they offer you MoT insurance it is worth allowing them to give you a quote so you have something to judge other quotes by. 

To get the best possible price you need to put in the hard yards and gather as many quotes as possible. Search for providers on the Internet and get on the phone, and be sure to compare the terms and exclusions for each policy as well as the price. Even when you have the best quote on paper take a close look and the numbers and be sure that taking out the policy will save you money compared to footing an MoT repair bill yourself.

How much does MoT insurance cost?

Unlike most other insurance polices related to your car, MoT insurance tends to be a flat rate regardless of the vehicle which makes it a little easier to compare. At present there are only a handful of third-party providers of MoT insurance and the restrictions tend to focus on the age and mileage of the vehicle as well as how long before the next MoT is due; 90 days is the common minimum.

MoT insurance is most commonly offered as a policy option by franchised dealers on used vehicles. The temptation is there as an added level of protection, particularly if you have just bought the vehicle, and the restrictions and stipulations are the same. However, there is an argument that if you are buying a used vehicle from franchised dealer it should have gone through a multi-point check ahead of sale, reducing the likelihood of an unknown fault. In addition, if you are having the vehicle regularly serviced there or even elsewhere, an undected MoT failure issue is even less likely.

Some of the franchised dealerships we contacted said that MoT insurance was offered free of charge on selected used vehicles or was bundled in as a part of a warranty package. In either case it adds a little extra peace of mind when buying used, even if a claim requires a small excess of around £10. Where not offered free of charge, MoT insurance was available depending on the specific vehicle and an individual quotation would be required.



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Ask HJ

Am I insured if I don't have road tax and an MoT?

Am I still insured if my car doesn't have any road tax or a valid MoT? Where do I stand?
Yes, you are insured - just not to drive or for the vehicle to be moved off your property. It would be covered for Fire and Theft only. Should the vehicle not be roadworthy, then your insurer may not pay out. Insurers will generally view the MoT as evidence of roadworthiness, but this is not always the case. Your insurer would still have to cover you for third party risk under the Road Traffic Act 1979, but they could seek their outlay if you have failed to follow the terms and conditions of your contract.
Answered by Tim Kelly
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