The MoT Files: £10,000 cars with the best MoT pass rates

If you're looking to spend £10,000 on a used vehicle, these are the second-hand cars most likely to pass their annual MoT test according to official Government data.

To make the list fair, we've compared pass rates for 2012 models using the latest data on 2017 MoT tests. We've excluded niche models - all of these in the list are mainstream cars you might consider spending £10,000 on as a second-hand purchase.

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Audi TT - 89.9% pass rate

Proving that you don’t have to buy something dull to be confident of an MoT pass, the Audi TT is the mainstream second-hand car with the highest pass rate. TTs registered in 2012 have a very impressive pass rate of 89.9 per cent. When an Audi TT does fail its MoT, it’s generally for a minor reason like the rear fog lamp not working.

See the Audi TT's MoT file


Honda Jazz - 89.6% pass rate

When it comes to MoT time, Honda Jazz owners rarely have anything to worry about. Of course, it could be because they’re a fastidious group, checking their cars regularly, or it could be down to the Jazz’s impressive build quality. Our data reveals that the Honda Jazz very rarely fails on things like suspension or exhaust components.

See the Honda Jazz's MoT file


Mazda MX-5 - 88.4% pass rate

There’s probably no better sports car available with a £10,000 budget than the popular Mazda MX-5. It’ll prove reliable, as backed up by the latest MOT test data. 2012 models have a pass rate of 88.4 per cent. Those that do fail usually have issues with their brakes or windscreen wipers.

See the Mazda MX-5's MoT file


Honda CR-V - 87.6% pass rate

The highest ranking SUV, the Honda CR-V is an excellent family crossover with an MoT pass rate of 87.6 per cent. It’s most likely to fail on issues around lighting such as the headlight aim - but even then, it’s less likely to fail on this than other cars of the same age.

See the Honda CR-V's MoT file


Skoda Yeti - 87.5% pass rate

The Skoda Yeti has now been replaced by the Skoda Karoq, and we’re sad about that. The plucky little Yeti was - and still is - a brilliant car, with 87.5 per cent of 2012 models passing their MOT in 2017. Like the Honda CR-V, the Yeti’s most common issues at MOT time include lights and electrical equipment - but even then, faults aren’t that common.

See the Skoda Yeti's MoT file


Toyota IQ - 87.0% pass rate

Only marginally longer than a Smart ForTwo, the Toyota IQ is a brilliant little car that, unfortunately, never sold in huge numbers in the UK. But more than 2000 of the 2012-registered IQs took their test in 2017, and an impressive 87.0 per cent of them passed. 

See the Toyota IQ's MoT file


Mitsubishi ASX - 86.7% pass rate

The Mitsubishi ASX is an often overlooked crossover. That’s a shame because it is very dependable, and our data shows that it often passes its MoT first time. The most common failure on 2012 models is for the driver’s view of the road, with poor windscreen wipers being picked up on 4.2 per cent of 2012 models.

See the Mitsubishi ASX's MoT file


BMW X1 - 86.4%

You might think buying a second-hand premium crossover could create some expensive bills, but the MoT pass rate of the BMW X1 suggests that isn’t the case. Its most common failure is for tyres - which affect 6.0 per cent of 2012 X1s - but that’s about as serious as it gets.

See the BMW X1 MoT file


Suzuki Grand Vitara - 86.4%

Approaching the end of its life, the Suzuki Grand Vitara was starting to look rather crude alongside more modern opposition. While it might not have a slick infotainment system and lots of soft-touch finishes, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a durable purchase when it comes to the MoT.

See the Suzuki Grand Vitara's MoT file


MINI Countryman - 86.2%

You’ll be charged a premium for the MINI Countryman, but you get what you pay for when it comes to MoT time. Tyres are the largest failure points - 5.2 per cent- while the number of MINI Countrymans with suspension or exhaust issues is exceptionally small.

See the MINI Countryman's MoT file


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