MoT Files: Top 10 cars for passing the first MoT test

The MoT Files has uncovered some startling trends when it comes to pass and fail rates, with more than a few surprises.

Here we’ve uncovered the 2014-model cars that are most likely to pass their first MoT test at three years old. We’ve only included models with at least 3000 tests on record, and each entry includes a link to that car’s full MoT results breakdown.

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Honda Jazz - 93.7%

The ever-popular Jazz gets another boost to its reliability reputation with a chart-topping first-time pass rate for 2014 model cars. Even its biggest problem – the 2.2 per cent of cars that fail on lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment – is 57 per cent better than the average result of other cars tested.

Click here to see the Honda Jazz‘s MoT file


Mercedes-Benz GLA - 93.0%

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class boasts a very good set of MoT test results (86.8 per cent pass rate), but its high-riding relative fares even better. Tyres are the main problem (3.5 per cent). By contrast only 0.16 per cent fail because of suspension, which is far better than other cars having their first MoT.

Click here to see the Mercedes-Benz GLA‘s MoT file


Audi Q5 MoT pass rate - 92.1%

The Q5 has an almost identical success rate to the smaller Q3, despite the two being made in different production plants. The Q5, like the Q3, has consistently high first-time MoT pass rates, and the same pattern of issues: tyre failures are most common, followed by headlamp and electrical issues.

Click here to see the Audi Q5‘s MoT file


MoT pass rate - 92.0%

The Spanish-built Audi Q3 has consistently been a high achiever in the MoT stakes since its introduction in 2011 (first tests in 2014). Only once has it dipped below a 90 per cent pass rate, and only just. The 2014 model is the Q3’s best so far and, encouragingly, its main point of failure is tyres.

Click here to see the Audi Q3‘s MoT file


Lexus CT200h - 91.4%

Despite the relative complexity of the CT200h’s petrol-electric drivetrain it lives up to Lexus’ reputation for exceptional build quality. Of cars registered in 2014, the most common fault was tyres, while mechanicals like suspension, steering and exhaust systems made up only a tiny fraction of failures.

Click here to see the Lexus CT200h‘s MoT file


Audi TT - 91.3%

It might surprise some to learn that out of close to one million MoT tests on Audis of all ages, almost a quarter fail. The TT coupe, on the other hand, has a brilliant pass rate. The only area where it falters is tyre wear. But given its sporty nature this probably has more to do with driving style than the car itself. 

Click here to see the Audi TT‘s MoT file


Audi A1 - 90.4%

It might be small but the A1 matches its larger Audi stablemates when it comes to the MoT with nine out of 10 sailing through their first test without a hitch. Tyres and lighting are the most-common problem areas with the former accounting for 4.5 per cent of MoT failures.

Click here to see the Audi A1‘s MoT file


Mazda 3 - 90.3%

The Mazda 3 is an outstanding performer at the first test at three years with an average pass rate of 90.3 per cent. Brakes are the only blot on its otherwise excellent record, with its 3.1 per cent failure rate being 41 per cent worse than other 2014 cars.

Click here to see the Mazda 3's MoT file


Mazda CX-5 - 90.2%

Mazda’s reputation for solid build quality is backed up by the CX-5’s impressive first MoT pass rate, with nine out of 10 sailing through without incident. Main failings include lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, although potentially expensive mechanical failures are scant.

Click here to see the Mazda CX-5's MoT file


Peugeot 108 - 90.1%

French carmakers tend to perform badly in the MoT Files, but the Czech-built Peugeot 108 bucks the trend with a superb pass rate of 90.1 per cent. Almost 6000 cars had their first MoT in 2017, with tyres, lights and electrical failures being much lower than the UK average.

Click here to see the Peugeot 108's MoT file


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