MoT Files: 10 cars most likely to fail the first MoT

The staggering amount of MoT data that we’ve had exclusive access to has thrown up a number of surprises, not least how frequently some models are failing their first MoT.

Here are the worst offenders, each a 2014 model tested for the first time in 2017. We’ve only included models with at least 3000 tests on record, and each entry includes a link to that car’s full MoT results breakdown.

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Renault Megane - 72.1%

It’s staggering, really, that near enough three in 10 Meganes fail their first MoT test. Digging into the data shows that electrical issues aren’t the most common problem plaguing the Megane, surprisingly, but rather suspension troubles, which account for 17 per cent of failed tests - that’s 17 times worse than other cars tested in 2017.

Click here to see the Renault Megane‘s MoT file


Ford Galaxy - 75.4%

The Ford Galaxy might be an excellent MPV – one of the very best there’s ever been, really – but buyers can’t be over-confident of its ability to pass the first MoT. Most worrying are suspension issues, because while only 3.4 per cent fail, that percentage is twice the average of other 2014 cars.

Click here to see the Ford Galaxy‘s MoT file


Fiat Punto - 78.2%

The Punto is plagued by MoT-troubling issues: more than half of all Punto models have failed an MoT test at some stage. As per much on this list, the ‘lamps, reflectors and electricals’ category makes bad reading: with a 9.9 per cent failure rate, the Punto is 97 per cent worse than other 2014 cars. 

Click here to see the Fiat Punto’s MoT file


Citroen Grand C4 Picasso - 78.7%

The Grand C4 Picasso is in many ways peak Citroen – quirky, yet spacious, comfortable and supremely practical. Sadly it’s also peak Citroen in perpetuation a stereotype terms, because its 2017 MoT figures show a litany of problems: one in 10 fail due to electrical or headlamp problems.

Click here to see the Citroen Grand C4 Picasso‘s MoT file


Hyundai i40 - 79.0%

We like the Hyundai i40 here at Honest John. It’s spacious, seemingly well-built and great value. However, the MoT data suggests a variety of electrical, brake and tyre problems contributing to a relatively low pass rate. Its 5.4 per cent brake failure rate specifically is 150 per cent worse than average.

Click here to see the Hyundai i40‘s MoT file


Dacia Sandero - 79.2%

This is the only entry for French-Romanian budget brand Dacia, making it difficult to avoid the old ‘you get what you pay for’ cliché. Of the 11,490 Sandero tests recorded in 2017, two in 10 failed. Worryingly, 14 per cent were the result of headlamp or electrical problems, while the next most common problem was brakes.

Click here to see the Dacia Sandero’s MoT file


Fiat 500L - 79.4%

The Fiat 500L struggles with the MoT test, performing 44 per cent worse than the average for other 2014 cars. Drill down into the data and one in 10 will fail because there is a problem with the driver’s view of the road, with washers and wipers being the two bugbears.

Click here to see the Fiat 500L’s MoT file


Land Rover Defender – 79.6%

The Land Rover’s position in the bottom 10 cars for the first MoT should be taken with a pinch of salt, given the hardworking nature of its owners. Lighting and electrical problems cause the most problems, with blown bulbs or broken lights accounting the majority of the failures.

Click here to see the Land Rover Defender's MoT file


Vauxhall Corsa - 79.7%

This MoT File related to the Corsa that was phased out in 2014 and replaced with an all-new model. It makes grim reading, with one in nine failing due to lighting or electrical problems. Windscreen wipers are also a failure hot spot, with one in six failing because they are worn out or don’t work.

Click here to see the Vauxhall Corsa’s MoT file


Ford S-MAX - 80.0%

The S-MAX appears to suffer from tyre problems, with almost one in 10 failing the MoT for this reason alone. Drill into the numbers and it excessive wear is the main culprit and the failure rating is a whopping 140 per cent higher than average. 

Click here to see the Ford S-MAX’s MoT file


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