The MoT Files: Top 10 MPVs for passing first time

The MPV might be a relatively unfashionable choice these days, with buyers preferring the high-up driving position of an SUV, but there remains a place for the multi-purpose vehicle, with families that need practical and affordable transport. 

When it comes to the MoT, there are lots of capable and durable MPVs on offer. We’ve crunched the Government figures to uncover the very best for passing the first test. These cars were first tested in 2016, so were initially registered in 2013.

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Vauxhall Meriva - 89.2% pass rate

The most-common reasons for a Meriva not making it through its first MoT are the lamps, reflectors and electrics, tyres and the driver’s view of the road, however it performs better than average in all of these areas. The conclusion is that it falls foul of a few niggling problems, but there is no one overriding area of concern when it comes to the test.

Sure, the chances of passing go down on higher mileage Merivas, but there is no point where the chances fall off a cliff and it remains above average. A solid showing from the MPV with the quirky rear-hinged doors.

Click here to see the Vauxhall Meriva’s MoT Files


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