The MoT Files: Top 10 Cars from the 1980s

Think you know which of the cars from the 1980s are reliable MoT heroes? Think again. There are plenty of surprises in our list of the top ten MoT pass rates from the decade that taste forgot. 

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Perhaps one reason is that bad examples of cars like the MGB and Jaguar XJ-S have been weeded out, leaving just the most solid and best-kept examples for buyer's to cherry pick. To qualify for our list, at least 1000 examples had to be tested for a model to make our list.

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Ford Sierra - 77.8% pass rate

If you thought that Ford stood for 'fix or repair daily' then the Sierra's place as top dog on our list might make you think again. In fact, it's the first of three Fords on this list proving that the Blue Oval's late 1970s and 1980s output wasn't all that bad - or at least that the survivors are being well cared for. 

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