The MoT Files: £5000 cars with the highest MoT pass rate

These are the UKs best used cars for passing the MoT. According to the Government’s MoT database, these £5000 bargains boast an 80 per cent or better pass rate, which means you will save valuable cash when it comes to the annual test.

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The MoT Files provides in-depth access to thousands of MoT histories, making it easy to track the MoT performance of a specific mode or make of car through the years. 

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Skoda Citigo – 88.1% pass rate

We could have lumped the Skoda Citigo together with the Volkswagen Up and SEAT Mii for this list, but they all have slightly different pass rates and cost different amounts. That’s despite sharing fundamentally identical underpinnings.

Does that mean the Skoda is better made? Probably not. It could mean owners cherish them more, on average, but that’s pure conjecture. But if you want a good, used £5000 car then this is a good bet – and not just because it has a high MoT pass rate.

See the MoT files for Skoda Citigo

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