The MoT Files: Bottom 10 Cars from the 1990s

While a newly-passed driver might dream of putting something sporty and shiny on their drive, the reality is very different. Unless their sitting on chair made from fifty-pound notes, most of us have to opt for something cheap and cheerful to get mobile.

Check your car's MOT history

That means looking at cars of a certain age - mainly the 1990s. But what should buy if you're looking at cars of this era? Which aren't going to cost you a fortune when the MoT time comes? Here we list the 10 worst performers from cars registered in the 1990s.

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Ford Puma 44% pass rate

The Ford Puma is perhaps best known for two things: being tremendous fun, and rotting like a pear. So, if you're looking to put one on your driveway, check it thoroughly for sins of tinworm - subframe and springs are common grot spots, but they can really rust anywhere. It's life an unwelcome gift. And also a shame for what was an utterly brilliant car to drive.

Check out the Ford Puma's MoT file

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