The MoT Files: Bottom 10 Cars from the 1990s

While a newly-passed driver might dream of putting something sporty and shiny on their drive, the reality is very different. Unless their sitting on chair made from fifty-pound notes, most of us have to opt for something cheap and cheerful to get mobile.

Check your car's MOT history

That means looking at cars of a certain age - mainly the 1990s. But what should buy if you're looking at cars of this era? Which aren't going to cost you a fortune when the MoT time comes? Here we list the 10 worst performers from cars registered in the 1990s.

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Renault Clio 43% pass rate

The cars on this list will be mainly Mk1 Clios - a model that was launched in 1990 and soldiered on until 1998 (although some will be Mk2s). There's still plenty of Clios left on the road with 19,100 being put through the MoT in 2016. The main Clio killer? Rust, especially around the subframe and springs.

Check out the Renault Clio's MoT file

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