The MoT Files: Top 10 Cars from the 1990s

Given that these cars are at least 14 years old now it's no real surprise to find more expensive models dominating the top 10 list. As with all the other lists, we've gone for a cut off point - so unless there were at least 5000 MoT tests on a particular model, they won't show here.

The idea is to eliminate many of the niche models, otherwise this list would be dominated by makes such as Ferrari, Lotus and Rolls Royce of which there were relatively few being put through an MoT in 2013.

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Porsche 911 76% pass rate

It's no surprise to see high-end cars from the 1990s still performing well in their MoT test in 2013. These are cars that were expensive at the time and many are owned by enthusiasts or those that do low mileages, so wear and tear is minimal. The Porsche 911 is a perfect example that's backed up by an impressive MoT pass rate with three out of every four cars passing.

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