The MoT Files: The first MoT - top 10 cars

As you'd expect, this is one of the most important and interesting top 10s among the MoT Files. It shows how a car performs in the first MoT, the first time in its life that it comes under outside scrutiny. It's also the time when many new car warranties run out (there are exceptions such as Hyundai, Toyota or Kia), so it's likely that owners will on their own when it comes to picking up the bill for any repairs.

These are the 10 best performers in their first MoT. As the data is from 2013, these are cars first registered in 2010 and some models have been replaced by newer versions since then, but it's still very useful guide if you're looking at buying a used car.

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Honda Jazz 90% pass rate

It's no surprise to find a small Japanese car as the number one model when it comes to passing its MoT first time around. The Jazz is a favourite of ours and a car we find ourselves recommending to people time and again. And as this result proves, it's also impressive when it comes to passing the MoT.

Click here to see the Honda Jazz MoT File


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