The MoT Files: Bottom 10 1980s cars

We've extrapolated from the MoT database the bottom 10 for cars registered during the 1980s - those with the worst MoT record. Would you believe that there's three Volkswagens in there? Of course, there's more to any story than mere numbers.

We've only included cars that have more than 1000 examples tested in a single year to keep the statistics meaningful, but from that we can ascertain how the mainstream classic cars are fairing in terms of keeping them on the road and legal. So there will be others that do worse than these - but they are thinner in numbers.

But we guarantee you'll be surprised at some of the classics in this list.

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Volkswagen Polo 47% pass rate

The Polo was a great entry-level car for its maker back in the 1980s, with most people having a tale or two to tell about the smart little breadvan. And today it continues to be a great entry-level into one of the UK's most heavily subscribed car scenes. We're not sure why there's such a low pass rate - after all, a Polo is more solid than a Fiesta, and certainly more resistant to breakdown and rust. 

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