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"Incompetent cowboys"

By Anonymous, 18 May 2016

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I brought my car here that I had bought from another Evans Halshaw branch under warranty in November 2014 with a problem getting it into gear. They told me it was the clutch. Eventually I got the branch I bought it from the change the clutch and they also lubricated the selector mechanism. The gears seemed to be getting worse again around July 2015 so it came back here to be told that there was nothing wrong with it and I just needed to wait for the gearbox to slow down before putting it in reverse. They also claim that they couldn't find an oil leak after my car was losing oil. When the cold weather came in December 2015 the gear lever got to the point where it wouldn't even return to the centre on it's own when put in neutral so I took it in again. The warranty had expired by this point. After three visits in quick succession they told me that it was the gear selector mechanism and they wanted me to pay to fix it. They refused to accept any responsibility for failing to correctly diagnose the fault while the car was under warranty and even had the audacity to claim it was a different fault. As if that wasn't enough they wanted to charge more than £100 more for the repair than the main dealer for my vehicle which is only about 100 metres up the road. Further more they found the oil leak now the warranty had expired and claimed it to be a corroded sump, but when taken elsewhere proved to simply be the sump plug sealing ring. I also discovered that one of the times it was in their technician didn't replace the air intake which they removed to get to the gear selector, which fortunately I had dash cam footage of him removing so the garage replaced. Without this footage I suspect they would have tried to shake off all responsibility for this too. I got the opportunity to trade the car in elsewhere shortly after this so I gladly got rid of it, but I lost a lot of money and sleep because of Evans Halshaw and their incompetence, and will be avoiding their entire company from now on.

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