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MOT Results  
The MoT Files: Postcodes

What are the major failure items in your postcode and how likely is your car to pass?

The MoT Files: Year and Model

MoT Test results by year of registration. Covers models from 1980-2007.

The MoT Files: Facts, Statistics and In-Depth Analysis

Models with the highest MoT Pass rate.
Models with the lowest MoT pass rate.
A table showing the pass rates of cars registered in 2008 and how they performed the first time that they were entered for an MoT.
Manufacturer pass rates for cars in their first MoT.
Details of how manufacturers perform in MoT tests across all years of registration.
At-a-glance facts and figures from the MoT Data.
MoT Test results by year of registration. Covers models from 1980-2008 and provides a round-up of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.
Of the most popular fleet cars of 2008 it's the previous shape Vauxhall Astra that proves to be the most likely to pass its first MoT.
If you've just passed you test you'll be looking for a first car that's affordable, cheap to run and reliable, but which ones are more likely to pass their MoT?
Our sister site AROnline takes a look at MoT results for cars that were registered before 1980.
Questions about the MoT data, where it's from and what it can tell you.
The MoT Files: The story behind the data

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