MoT Files: 10 postcodes with the highest pass rates

You may be surprised to discover that the area in which you live and drive can have a massive impact on the likelihood of your car passing its annual MoT.

We've crunched the latest Government data to reveal the 10 areas where your car is most likely to achieve a pass on MoT test day.

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Enfield (EN) - 73.5% pass rate

Boasting the highest MoT pass rate in the UK, nearly three quarters of cars in the London Borough of Enfield pass their annual test first time. Interestingly, MINIs perform surprisingly well in Enfield, with less than 10 per cent failing. Renaults are among the worst, with a failure rate of 34.8 per cent.

Click to see Enfield's MoT file


Bromley (BR) – 73.0% pass rate

Drivers in Bromley appear to take more care of their motors than elsewhere in the UK, with an impressive MoT pass rate of 73 per cent. It says something about the state of the roads in Bromley too, with just 6.2 per cent of cars failing due to suspension issues.

Click to see Bromley's MoT file


Ilford (IG) – 72.9% pass rate

There are a lot of premium cars tested in Ilford - nearly 8000 BMWs took their MoT test there in 2017, with only one in five failing. Like Bromley, failures for suspension related issues are much lower than the national average - 5.6 per cent compared to 12.1 per cent.

Click to see Ilford's MoT file


Romford (RM) - 72.7% pass rate

Porsche and Bentley owners in Romford are a diligent bunch, with failure rates of just 11.2 and 13.4 per cent respectively - well below the national average. Cars of all ages perform well in their MoT tests in Romford, while cars being presented with steering and exhaust faults are rare.

Click to see Romford's MoT file


Croydon (CR) – 71.9% pass rate

It's not clear why cars near London seem more likely to pass their MoT than elsewhere in the country, but it's probably due to the low miles people put on their cars. Croydon has a pass rate of 71.9 per cent, with cars by Dacia and Lexus most likely to pass.

Click to see Croydon's MoT file


Chelmsford (CM) – 71.6% pass rate

Drivers in Chelmsford are flashing the cash, with Aston Martin, Ferrari and Bentley most likely to pass the MoT test. It's good news across the board, though, and even poor performers like Daewoos and Renaults are more likely to pass in Chelmsford than elsewhere in the country.

Click to see Chelmsford's MoT file


Slough (SL) – 70.8% pass rate

If you own a Lotus or Lexus, it's less likely to pass its MoT in Slough compared to the national average. Other than that, it's all good news for motorists in the Berkshire town. The three car makes with the highest pass rate in Slough are Rolls-Royce, Dacia and Ferrari.

Click to see Slough's MoT file


South East London (SE) – 70.7% pass rate

Nearly 230,000 cars took their MoT test in South East London in 2017 - with 29.1 per cent passing. The most common failures are lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment, one per cent higher than the national average. Oddly, MINIs in Slough don't perform as well as elsewhere at MoT time.

Click to see South East London's MoT file


Dartford (DA) – 70.7% pass rate

There are lots of Fords and Vauxhalls in Dartford; both brands perform better in their annual MoT test in Dartford compared to elsewhere in the country, with a failure rate of 32.5 and 33.5 per cent respectively. The top mainstream performers in the area are MINI, Lexus and Audi.

Click to see Dartford's MoT file


Southend-on-Sea (SS) – 70.5% pass rate

While coastal areas generally have poor MoT pass rates thanks to the amount of salt in the air, Southend-on-Sea bucks the trend with an average pass rate of 70.5 per cent. Rovers, Renaults and Daewoos are the worst for MoT pass rates in Southend, but even then they're higher than the national average.

Click to see Southend-on-Sea's MoT file


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