The MoT Files: The first MoT - top 10 cars

While we await the outcome of a Government consultation on extending the date of a vehicle's first MoT from three to four years, the pass rate for vehicles taking their first MoT is under the spotlight. 

The Department for Transport says modern vehicles are more resilient to wear and tear - and therefore roadworthy for longer. But we are still seeing one in six failing their first MoT. This is a key time for car owners as it's when many cars are coming out of their manufacturer warranty period, usually three years although there are exceptions such as Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and SsangYong.

So here we have the 10 best performers in their first MoT. As the data is from 2016, these are cars first registered in 2013 with a minimum threshold of 1500 tests throughout the year - so particularly rare or exotic cars won't appear below.

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Lexus RX 450h - 94.2% pass rate

Japanese cars have long been renowned for their durability and build quality so it's no surprise to see a Lexus topping this list. The Lexus SUV came as a hybrid only, something which has continued with its successor and that only now are other manufacturers copying.

Click here to see the Lexus RX's MoT File

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