Top 10 Best Welders For Beginners And Home Use


An ideal starting point and also ideal for anyone having to weld outdoors, this Draper Gasless Turbo MIG Welder is a sensible choice. The gasless operation means you can work in windy conditions, and it can hold 450g of flux cored wire so you can keep working for extended periods. The kit also includes a roll of wire, a chipping hammer and brush as well as a mask.

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Draper 230v 100A Gasless Turbo MIG Welder with Earth Clamp, 2.5m Welding Torch, Mask & Accessories - 63669 - Variable Wire Speed Control For 0.6mm & 0.9mm Welding Wires, Blue


For those with enough experience to want to switch between stick and TIG welding, this Sailwin model can handle both with ease. It has an automatic hot start and a duty cycle of 60 per cent, so it can tackle bigger jobs with less downtime. It has a clear LED display for the amperage and comes with a 12-month warranty.


Wolf has an excellent reputation for good value, robust products, and this arc welder is another example. The fan cooling helps it to offer a strong duty cycle of 60 per cent, with a range of 60amps to 250amps for a variety of jobs. It’s also versatile enough to work from 230v or 400v power supplies, so it can operate in a variety of locations.


If you’re just staring out on your welding journey then having all the right kit is essential, which is a good reason why this Sealey welder is an appealing option - you get cables, an earth clamp, chipping hammer and wire brush plus an electrode holder, so you don’t need much else to get started. It is rated to 180amps and weighs 17kg, so it’s not too heavy to move around.


This ParkerBrand offering has a great deal going for it, not least the very low purchase price of under £100. Although it has a relatively light duty cycle of 30 per cent, that makes it a sensible choice for beginners as it encourages you to work more slowly, while it also has a broad power range of 30amps to 200amps.


Another modestly-priced MIG welder from DJM, this particular model can deliver up to 100amps, and delivers a 60 per cent duty cycle when running at 45amps, helped by the forced-air cooling system. You get 200g of flux-cored wire included, and weighing 13kg means it is light enough to be moved around with relative ease.


Draper’s broad selection of arc welders runs all the way up to a 250amp version, but at the other end of the scale this 100amp model represents great value for money and is an ideal machine for those starting out. It comes with a mask and a combined chipping hammer and wire brush, and is still under £100 direct from Draper including VAT.


If you plan on building up your welding skills over time then this offering from Clarke offers a little extra flexibiltiy, as it has the ability to operate both with and without gas, with full control of the power level, wire feed and gas. It’s a little more expensive as a result but if you plan on welding a wide range of metal thicknesses and forms it is a sensible choice.

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Clarke MIG151EN 240V 150A Turbo Mig Welder


One of the least expensive welders on the market, this offering from Silverline is straightforward and easy to operate, making it an ideal choice for anyone learning how to weld. The 100amp rating means it can weld steel up to 2.5mm in thickness, and the kit includes a welding mask, electrode holder and earth cable.

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Silverline 100A MMA Arc Welder 40 - 100A (677293)


Another good value offering from Sealey, this 90amp model is designed for no-gas welding with flux-cored wire, and so is well-suited for those still learning how to weld. It has a forced-air cooling system to maximise the duty cycle and is one of the lighter models available, weighing in at just 12.7kg. The kit also includes a welding mask, earth cable and 200g of wire.