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"Poor Customer Service/ Rude & Obnoxious"

By Botham, 31 July 2014

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MOT £29 Pickup & Return of bike £20 Booked a moped in for a MOT for which the bike was to be collected and delivered back,they initially stated that the bike MOT would take place on the thursday but could be friday?? (from a company who advertise no appointment needed), was promised a call back to collect details about where the bike was to be picked up from etc, no callback and upon calling them back their exscuse was that they had no recollection of the initial booking call, arranged to pick the bike up thursday morning but by dinner time there was still no sign of them or any contact, rang them back again and which they said they would pick the bike up around 2pm which they did. By friday dinnertime after still not hearing back from them i called again and they stated the bike would get an MOT that day and they would deliver the bike at the end of the day (this bike was pre-MOT by a motorbike mechanic with some new parts and is in superb condition and should have passed the MOT with ease) at 5pm they called to say that it had failed the MOT on the head bearings as there was some play but this had been checked previously ready for the mOT, they stated the bearings would be £40 to £45 & Labour £60 (for a set of bearings anyone can purchase retail for no more than £10 to £15) and would take a day or two to arrive and fit. Following Tuesday in the afternoon i thought i would call them to see how it was going and was told it wouldnt be ready until the Friday at the least, i questioned them asking why it was taking so long and to which their answer was "oh so and so fell off his motorbike the other day" my answer was that it was hardly my fault that his employee could not make it into work to which he said "hes my son" so my reply was "i hope he is ok but that still doesnt change the fact i am merely a customer and shouldnt be inconvenianced because whoever fell off their motorbike and said if i had known how long they would take to MOT the bike i would not have taken it to them in the first place, he rudely shouted down the phone "do you want your bloody bike back then" to which i said no i just want an MOT at which point he shouted "well bloody wait until friday then" and slammed the phone down. Came across as distrustful and as a garage who fail your MOT to bump up their final bill. so what was initially supposed to be a £50 charge has turned into a £150 bill which if they state they are charging for a re-MOT will end up at £180 - stay away from these cowboys

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