The MoT Files: Bottom 10 Cars from the 2000s

The 2000s may not seem that long ago but our list of the 10 cars most likely to fail the MoT shows that there are plenty of hangovers from the 1990s with models that were only on sale for a short time in the new millennium before being replaced - the Ford Escort being a prime example. As with the rest of our lists we've set a minimum limit of 5000 MoT tests to show a more realistic picture and to eliminate very niche makes and models.

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Rover CityRover 42% pass rate

The end of Rover was not pretty. The CityRover was based on an Indian car - the Tata Indica - and yet this was a car Rover bosses hoped would help reinvigorate the brand. Sadly it was a woeful and below par effort that was way behind the competition. A few were sold but they've not lasted well and as for passing the MoT there's a wide range of problems which dog the CityRover.

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