The MoT Files: Bottom 50 MoT performers

Our MoT data reveals a lot of information about the specifics of common MoT failure causes, whether simple bulb failures or more complex and dangerous problems, like worn out brakes or excessive rust. But what are the UK’s worst overall cars for the Mot? 

We list the 50 models that have the lowest overall pass rates in the country. We’ve put a filter on so only models of which more than 5000 were tested appear, to filter out rare cars or particularly old models. 

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Peugeot 106 – 43% pass rate

Typical first car fodder, the 106 is abundant, cheap, an often run on a shoestring budget, so it’s not a major shock to see it appear in this list. Furthermore there are no recent 106s with high pass rates to bring up the average.

There are no surprises in the common failure rates list either, although lighting related problems – specifically related to the turn signal repeaters in the wings, are significantly more common on the 106 than other cars of similar age. 


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