The MoT Files: Bottom 50 MoT performers

Our MoT data reveals a lot of information about the specifics of common MoT failure causes, whether simple bulb failures or more complex and dangerous problems, like worn out brakes or excessive rust. But what are the UK’s worst overall cars for the Mot? 

We list the 50 models that have the lowest overall pass rates in the country. We’ve put a filter on so only models of which more than 5000 were tested appear, to filter out rare cars or particularly old models. 

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Citroen Saxo – 39% pass rate

The Saxo hasn’t been available for more than ten years now, so all of those that are left are getting long in the tooth and are starting to develop faults. There are still tens of thousands left on the roads in the UK though, and even though the most common failure items are fairly typical – lights, signalling and suspension – there are higher than average failure rates across most components.


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