The MoT Files: The top 10 performing fleet cars

According to data from the Department for Transport’s National Travel Survey, a company car will cover around 19,400 miles a year, with most approach the 60,000 barrier by the time the first MoT test is due.

However, with the recession still fresh in the minds of fleet managers, more and more firms are keeping their cars for longer, which makes MoT performance an all important factor when it comes to choosing which cars make it to those fleet lists. We've crunched the data in the MoT Files to find the top 10 performing fleet cars. What’s more, we have also contrasted the numbers with the SMMT’s data 2010 fleet registrations to get an in-depth view of how the UK's big selling cars perform when it comes to the first MoT.


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Nissan Qashqai 81% pass rate

The previous generation Nissan Qashqai (2007 - 2014) has a strong reputation for being durable and well-built, which is reflected in the MoT data. The Qashqai 2010 model achieved an impressive 81 per cent pass rate in its first MoT, with above average ratings for shocks absorbers, wheel bearings and lamps. However, it was marked down for electrical equipment, brakes and sub frame, which explains its placing in our top 10 performing fleet cars. 

Click here to see the Nissan Qashqai’s MoT Files



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