The MoT Files: The first MoT - top 10 manufacturers

Manufacturer pass rates for the first MoT provide a superb insight into how new cars cope with the grain and strain of modern life.

For many new cars, the MoT will be the first time an expert has tested the roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required by UK law. Arguably one of the most important lists in the MoT Files and the data here shows the 10 best manufacturers when it comes to 2010 registered cars passing the MoT at the first time of asking.

To get a better impression of how mainstream manufacturers perform we have based our rested on 5000 MoT tests or more to exclude unaffordable or niche brands. 

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BMW 84% pass rate

BMW’s first MoT pass rate (84 per cent) isn’t the best of the German manufacturers, but it is still one of the best premium performers in the UK, outstripping the likes of Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. What’s more, BMW’s average pass rate of 84 per cent is a slight improvement over the manufacturer’s performance two years ago. 


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