The MoT Files: The first MoT - bottom 10 manufacturers

Contrary to popular belief, buying a new car doesn’t necessary mean years of trouble free motoring. Indeed, analysis of VOSA records show that only 80 per cent of cars (registered in 2010) passed their first MoT, with thousands of motorists left to pick up the bill with many warranties running out after three years.

Here we reveal the worst offenders when it comes to manufacturers failing the first MoT. Not only does this list show the UK’s poorest performers, but it also shows which cars are more likely to fail once that all important (three year) warranty expires. 

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Renault 78% pass rate

Like Fiat, Renault’s standard warranty is only three years, which means most owners are liable for the costs of repairs when it comes to the first test. We have discovered that just 78 per cent of Renaults (registered in 2010) passed the first MoT, with the worst model being the Wind (66 per cent). Admittedly, the Wind never sold in high numbers, but the fact that more than a quarter of cars failed the MoT paints a damning picture. 


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