The MoT Files: The 10 worst manufacturers

The bottom 10 manufacturers is one of the most important lists in the MoT Files, because it outlines the worst fail rates for all manufacturers for all years (1980-2013).

It’s important to bear in mind that there are a number of ‘zombie manufacturers’ in this list, with the cars continuing even though the companies have long since died. However, this note aside, the majority of firms in the bottom 10 are still very much alive and some of the results surround some of the UK’s most popular cars.

Click through the gallery below to discover the 10 worst manufacturers for passing the MoT.


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Alfa Romeo 56% pass rate 

Alfa Romeo is a manufacturer that has a long association with poor reliability, but things appear to be slowly improving. Alfa is ranked seventh and its MoT failure rate is 56%, but the problem cars appear to be consigned to the older models, with the 156 being the worst model. 

Click here to see Alfa Romeo’s MoT Files



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