Top 10 Oil Drip Trays

Whether you are a home service expert or run your own garage, having the right tools can make the difference between a quick job and a straightforward task that ends up becoming a time-consuming mess. Oil changes and fuel system work mean dealing with toxic fluids that are a headache to clear up, but you can cut down on clean-up time with the right tools. Here are ten drip trays and collector cans that will save you time and effort for a modest price.

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Start 40 Oil Drip Tray

Whether you’re about to empty your sump for an oil change or just need something to live under your car to keep the odd drip off the driveway, a decent oil catch tray needs to be sturdy, have a decent volume and be short enough to slide easily beneath your car. This item from Start 40 ticks all of those boxes, and has a spout for easy transfer and a hook so it can hang easily on your garage wall.



Sealey DRPL09 Drip Tray Low Profile 9ltr

This offering from Sealey is designed to serve as a catch tray, particularly for anyone who may have an older car that occasionally drips oil onto a driveway or garage floor. Available in 15- and 25-litre sizes as well as this 9-litre example, it is only 5cm tall so can easily slide under almost any car. It’s even made from recycled polypropylene so it’s kinder to the environment too.


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Sealey Drpl09 Drip Tray Low Profile 9Ltr


Garland 120cm x 55cm Giant Plus Tray

This range of trays from Garland is designed to be multi-purpose, so they can be used for a number of tasks in the garden as well as the garage or workshop. The big plus point with these particular trays is the huge variety of sizes they come in, from 50cm square to 1.2m square and 120cm x 55cm rectangular. This particular size has a massive 28-litre capacity so can handle large capacity sumps.


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Garland GP82B 120 x 55cm Giant Plus Tray, Black


Britten & James 120cm x 55cm Super Tray

Another option with a potential multitude of uses, this range of trays from Britten & James are made from recycled polypropylene and are designed to be UV-stable for longevity. Three square and three rectangular sizes are available so you can find one to suit any car, and with a 5cm height but 28-litre capacity they are fit to tackle any oil-based issues.


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Britten & James 120 x 55cm Large Tray Black. Use in the garden, greenhouse, for hydroponics, oil drain tray, for muddy boots, litter tray etc.


XTools 16 Litre Oil Drain Pan Bucket

Designed specifically to tackle car maintenance tasks involving fluids, this drain pan from XTools has some handy features to make life a little easier when you are dealing with a potentially messy job. The 16-litre capacity means it has the volume to handle most car and van sumps as well as cooling systems, while handles at each end make it easy to move around even when full. Most importantly it has a convenient spout so you can transfer the contents to a container for safe disposal.


Auto Accessories Oil Drip Drain Tray

Offering the most simple proposition at the lowest price, this is a basic drip tray sold by Auto Accessories that will get the job done. It has a spout for easy pouring and a sturdy lip around the edge to make carrying easier, and although it does without some of the more desirable features, for under £7 including delivery you can’t go far wrong.


Sealey DRP07 10ltr Fluid Drain/Recycle Container

Another quality offering from Sealey and an Amazon Choice product, this offering costs a little more than some of the others on this list but also comes with a significant extra feature. The tray itself is set into a sealable container, so you can allow the fluids to drain before simply sealing it and transporting to your local recycling facility. Available in capacities of 5, 10 and 16 litres, it can handle hot oil and has a vent to ensure smooth pouring.

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Sealey Drp07 Oil/Fluid Drain And Recycle Container 10Ltr


SERPRO 20 Litre Oil and Fuel Compact Spill Kit with Drip Tray

If you spend a lot of time in the workshop and are frequently dealing with oil and fuel changes, this kit from SERPRO will keep you ready for any eventuality. As well as a generous 58cm x 40cm x 7cm drip tray, the package contains a 1.2-metre absorbent oil sock and 16 40cm x 50cm absorbent pads, which between them can absorb up to 21 litres of oil-based fluids in case of spillage.

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20 Litre Oil and Fuel Compact Spill Kit with Drip Tray


CarPlan Oil Drainer Can CAR-TPD010-9L

Like the Sealey offering, this Oil Drainer Can from CarPlan combines the tray to catch your oil with a sturdy container to collect it and allow easy transportation. A 9-litre capacity means it has the volume to cope with the contents of most sumps, a supplied hose adaptor makes disposal easier and the base is designed to be stable while draining is taking place.

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CarPlan Tetro Plas Oil Drain Can 9L


Reliapart Universal Vehicle Oil Drip Tray

This drip tray from Reliapart is in many ways identical to some of the other trays in this list, with a 65cm square design and a low overall height so it can be used underneath cars with at leasts 10cm of ground clearance. Where this particular offering comes into its own is with the colour; being finished in white rather than black means you can instantly see the colour of the fluid dripping from your vehicle, making it much easier to identify and resolve the problem.