Top 10: The most common MoT failure points

There are few less satisfying elements to car ownership than failing your MoT test. If your car is properly maintained and in good condition, the current MoT shouldn't pose too many problems. But sometimes all it takes is a little neglect, or lack of preparation, to see your pride and joy fall at the first hurdle.

And taking a look at the top 10 reasons for failing the MoT test, many, many of those failed MoT tests are eminently avoidable. Not only that, but they are cheaply and easily fixed. Take five minutes out to read the failure list, and ask yourself this - when did you last make the basic checks to avoid these failure points? If it was more than a couple of weeks ago, you know what to do.

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Tyres - Tread depth
14% failure rate

Tyres are essential to your safety, and it's worrying to see so many cars fail on this basic test of condition. The UK minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, and many safety organisations will tell you that 3mm should be the minimum given the drop off in performance of worn out tyres, especially in the wet. Check yours today, and make sure they're not low...


jamesh12    on 9 February 2017

I have read elsewhere that a Michelin spokesman stated that there is no significant benefit in changing tyres at 3 mm rather than 1.6mm.

Niall Lazenby    on 26 July 2017

I would advise always getting a second opinion as well. I got an MOT done down the road from me when I moved (having never been there before) and I didn't quite trust it. Went on this Who can fix my car site to find a proper mechanic and he told me that this garage I had been to at first was lying to me about the work he wanted to carry out on my car. Second opinion always counts.

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