The MoT Files: Top 10 1980s cars

We've compiled a top 10 for the best cars registered during the 1980s for passing their MoT tests. Forget the notion that you might have harboured over the years that old British cars are flaky and unreliable, as six of the cars in this list were made in the UK.

We've only included cars that have more than 1000 examples tested in a single year to keep the statistics meaningful, but from that we can ascertain what the best mainstream classic cars are in terms of keeping then on the road and legal. So there will be others that do better - but are thinner in numbers.

But we guarantee you'll be surprised at some in this list.

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MGB 64% pass rate

It's good to see the MGB scoring relatively highly in this list to become the highest ranking car from the British Leyland stable (sorry, MG fans!). Given that the MGB ceased production in 1980, this figure actually only represents a small percentage of cars remaining in the road - and in this case, you can guarantee that most will be cherished examples of the highly sought after LE. 

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