The MoT Files: The 10 manufacturers with the lowest MoT pass rate

We've crunched the MoT Files to reveal the 10 worst carmakers for passing the MoT. From electrical and light problems, to excessive tyre wear and problematic suspension, this is the MoT manufacturer hall of shame. 

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Renault - 52.6% pass rate

Unfortunately it's another poor showing for Renault when it comes to passing the MoT. The brand has consistently hovered around the bottom since we first published the MoT Files in 2012. Only slightly more than half of all Renaults passed the MoT, with its ageing products from the 90s dragging it down. 

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Citroen- 59.4% pass rate

While it's easy to knock the French brands - Citroen included - for being at the bottom of this table, it tends to be their older models which drag down the average. The Citroen Xsara Picasso and Saxo (remember that?) being the main issues here. 

Click here to see the Citroen MoT Files


Chevrolet - 59.5% pass rate

While Chevrolet may have sold the Camaro in the UK, it's the likes of the Aveo (distinctly average), Orlando (actually quite good) and the Cruze (pretty appalling) which make up the majority of vehicles on UK roads. The brand no longer sells cars in the UK of course but we doubt few people miss it...

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SsangYong - 59.6% pass rate

While SsangYong came out as the best brand in the Satisfaction Index 2018, it's a very poor showing here. Only 7500 models were tested (in comparison there were 850,000 Renaults) which makes a pass rate of less than 60 per cent look even worse.

Click here to see the SsangYong MoT Files


Peugeot - 59.6% pass rate

While Peugeot has an identical pass rate to SsangYong, the fact more than 1.1 million vehicles were tested goes some way to explaining why the French brand ranks so lowly. Like Renault, its models from the 1990s and early 2000s which perform poorly - the 307, 106 and 206 being the worst cuplrits.

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Vauxhall - 61.0% pass rate

There is a smidgen of good news for Vauxhall in that its pass rate has increased since we last published the MoT Files in 2017, although a 0.8 per cent improvement is perhaps not much to write home about. Plenty of old Corsa and Vectra models do it few favours.

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Fiat - 63.2% pass rate

Fiat has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons of late, with its Panda getting a zero star rating from Euro NCAP plus the news that it is paying $650 million to settle an emissions lawsuit in the USA. A below par MoT pass rate is yet more bad news for the brand.

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Alfa Romeo - 63.2% pass rate 

Italian cars don't have the best reputation for reliability and longevity - some would say unjustly - but the showing here does little to contradict that. With only six out of 10 Alfa's passing the MoT, it's a poor showing for a brand that wants to be seen as premium. The 147 and 156 are the worst offenders.

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Mitsubishi - 63.6% pass rate

The only Japanese brand to feature in the bottom 10, you may think it's the likes of the Shogun or L200 - both often used as workhorses, that account for its below average pass rate. Instead it's actually oddities like the Carisma and Space Star, both models well past their use by date.

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Jeep - 64.0% pass rate

Jeep has been part of the Fiat Group since 2014, so it's perhaps apt that the brand sits next to its counterparts in this list. A pass rate of 64 per cent is below the overall average of 72 per cent but with new products such as the Renegade and Compass, Jeep will be hoping this improves.

Click here to see the Jeep MoT Files


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