The MoT Files: The 10 manufacturers with the highest MoT pass rate

These are the best carmakers for passing the annual test. Based on all tests carried out in 2017, these are the 10 manufacturers that have the highest MoT pass rate.

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Porsche - 80.7% pass rate 

It's perhaps not surprising to see a brand like Porsche performing well here, given how expensive its cars are. Owners are unlikely to be the kind to scrimp on servicing and maintenance. Still, many Porsches are used for daily transport so that shouldn't diminish from its strong performance here.

Click here to see the Porsche MoT Files


Dacia - 79.7% pass rate

The Dacia brand only arrived in the UK in 2013, so all of the cars tested in 2017 were only on their first or second MoT, hence the high pass rate. That's not to take anything away from Dacia though, this is still a strong showing for the budget brand. 

Click here to see the Dacia MoT Files


Lexus - 76.6% pass rate

The brand we expect to see here, Lexus' pass rate has in fact improved from the last time we did the MoT Files in 2017. For people who want a reliable premium car, a Lexus is easy to recommend, plus it has the best dealers in the industry.

Click here to see the Lexus MoT Files


Audi - 74.5% pass rate 

Close to a million Audis were tested for the MoT in 2017, more than both BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which makes the fact it ranks higher than its German rivals, even more impressive. It was helped by the fact the Q3 and Q5 were two of the best performing models.

Click here to see the Audi MoT Files


BMW - 73.1% pass rate

Hot on Audi's heels, BMW shows strong pass rates for the X1 and 4 Series range. It's seen a small improvement in its pass rate since the last MoT Files and this placing puts it ahead of Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar, the latter of which just misses out on this top 10. 

Click here to see the BMW MoT Files


Skoda - 71.7% pass rate

Skoda is a brand we've come to see regularly appearing near the top of our annual Satisfaction Index and it's another strong showing for MoT pass rates. The Citigo is one of the best models overall for passing its MoT with the Yeti not far behind.

Click here to see the Skoda MoT Files


MINI - 70.7% pass rate 

It's an impressive result for MINI, being one of the top mainstream manufacturers when it comes to passing the MoT. We've filtered out classic Minis, leaving just the 'new' generation models. MINI owners will clearly be very assured with this result.

Click here to see the MINI MoT Files


Hyundai - 70.6% pass rate

As a brand, Hyundai has made huge strides over the last decade with ever better vehicles that still represent good value for money. It's a brand with plenty of satisfied owners judging by the positive feedback we regularly receive and with a high MoT pass rate, it's easy to why.

Click here to see the Hyundai MoT Files


Toyota - 69.9% pass rate

If there's one brand you can count on for reliability, it's Toyota. So it's no surprise to see it here. In excess of 1.1 million Toyota models were tested, more than any other brand in this top 10, so a pass rate of close to 70 per cent is a very good showing.

Click here to see the Toyota MoT Files


Mercedes-Benz - 69.6% pass rate

Just edging out Jaguar, Kia and Honda in this list, Mercedes-Benz has seen its MoT pass rate fall quite considerably since the 2017 MoT Files, when it had a pass rate of 74.7 per cent. That will be more concerning to Mercedes-Benz when both Audi and BMW have seen their rates improve.

Click here to see the Mercedes-Benz MoT Files


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