Lee And Turner

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Services: MOT, Servicing, Tyres, Exhausts

Waterton Lane Waterton Bridgend Industrial Estate


Mid Glamorgan

CF31 3UZ

Call 01656 641300

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"Buyers beware "

By Anonymous, 31 May 2019

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My advice to anyone thinking of dealing with this company is Dont I have purchased 3 Van's from these in three years total spend around £130,00 the 2nd van brand new in June 2017 broke down 10 miles after picking it up, the response was phone Ford it's their issue, not ours £ but that Van was only £46k. Lost the van for 5 weeks no loan van summer lost, but enjoyed the van after, so foolishly traded up with these crooks again this time £66k, only to have major issues within a few weeks, the roof delaminated, the bonnet split, the flooring started lifting, the TV antenna they recommended would not work if you moved even your arm inside you van, and I was charged £190 for this and fitting was another £40 only to find out later the said recommended Ariel was a cheap boat antenna valued at £35, lots of requests to remove and replace were ignored, all the other warranty work request fell on deaf ears, They kept fobbing me off over and over, In desperation, I had to contact the importer direct and nagging the CEO of Autotrail direct, so all this, This was not easy but they are honest and do try, Roller team Van's are rubbish but top that off with a Dealer who slags their customers off to other dealers and has as much technical ability that equates to an empty Bee Hive, the staff are aggressive untrustworthy and crooked. The Owner is building a new HSE and once that's built he is shutting the business, so if you have a direct warranty with Lee and Turner you can probably kiss goodbye to that, So buyers beware try Stowford or Davan in Western, just don't part with your hard-earned cash at Bridgend, I have started legal proceedings against them. I wouldn't want anyone else to be subjected to this treatment Avoid.

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