My Volkswagen Golf has a faulty DSG - as it's a known fault, should Volkswagen help me?

I have a 2011 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI. It's been suffering loss of power since purchasing the car nearly three years ago. I can be driving at normal speed and my car will suddenly lose power and I have to pull over to restart my car - then all is well again. On a few occasions, I've pulled out of a junction into a busy road and again my car will lose power - which has caused me a few near accidents. I've taken my car to numerous garages but no fault seems to show until very recently and I've now been informed that it's all down to my DSG. I feel it is unsafe to drive my car as I have children and I have had to now borrow my parents' car. What do I do now and where do I stand if I took my car to a Volkswagen garage? After researching, this it seems to be a common fault.
Complaints received by us about DQ200 7-speed dry clutch DSGs now number more than 1000 and this is a typical problem of the Mechatronics starting to fail. The transmission should have been recalled for its original fill of synthetic fluid (that promoted Mechatronics failure at extreme heat) to be replaced with mineral fluid, but if the car's service history is dubious this might not have been done. If it has a full VW service history, go back to VW. if it doesn't, it's not VW's responsibility, so take it to a member of /
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