The engine of my Ford Focus 1.0 failed because of a known fault - why won't Ford accept my claim?

My engine recently failed due to the faulty degas pipe, I have been in contact with Ford and they have asked for Service History records. I have provided my log book with stamps but they will only accept invoices from the garage. Unfortunately I don't have these and have no way of obtaining them. Ford have informed me that they can't take my claim any further without the service history invoices, I fail to see what service history has to do with a design flaw that Ford are liable for and admit liability for with the recall notice. How should I proceed?
Ford needs the invoices in order to be satisfied that the car has been serviced precisely to Ford standards using the correct materials and fluids. Even though degas pipe failure is a common problem, something the servicing garage did could have made it worse. And, of course, you missed the standard degas pipe TSB rectification that would have been carried out by a Ford dealer during a service because you took the car elsewhere for service.
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