Is there a known fault with the DSG on my 2012 Skoda Octavia?

I've been told by my local Skoda dealer that my 2012 Octavia 1.8 TSi DSG Estate needs a new DSG as it suffered a failure. They found metal debris in the gearbox when they stripped it. Any ideas why it failed on a 54,000 mile car that has been serviced as per schedule? Was it ever subject to a recall for DSG faults? I've been in touch with Skoda Customer Services but so far no real response. I've got a repair cost of £4720 and it's worth around £6500. I will need to get it done and keep it longer than planned, unless you have any other thoughts.
The major recall to change the DQ200 fluid from synthetic to mineral was for DSGs built before yours was. Yours should have been filled with mineral oil on the production line. I think you might get a favourable response from Skoda. These transmissions are notoriously weak and the 1.8 TSI engine at 250Nm takes them to the limit of their torque capacity.
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