The Sensotronic Brake System on my Mercedes had failed - do I have any chance of a contribution?

The Sensotronic Brake System on my 2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class failed in May of this year. It had had all the relevant recalls and has been serviced by a Mercedes garage (the same one) for its entire life - and I have had it since new. At the time it had 133822 miles on the clock. Apparently Mercedes paid for replacing this system when it failed until the relevant vehicles reached 10 years of age. As mine is now 13, it did not qualify, and the replacement of a system with its own built in obsolescence cost me more than the trade in value of the car. I appealed to the garage, and to a faceless Mercedes customer centre, but to no avail. Why am I being penalised for having SBS last longer than expected? Have I any chance of a refund or contribution to this cost from Mercedes? .
The Sensotronic Brake System was apparently designed to have a finite life of of 300,000 brake pedal applications. It's a very well known problem with the 2002-2006 W211 Mercedes E-Class. Mercedes-Benz capitulated by replacing the systems at up to 10 years old, but drew the line at this. The design life of a modern car is only 7 years anyway.
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