Should my warranty cover wear and tear on my 2011 BMW 5 Series?

I just had my 2011 BMW 5 Series 2.0d serviced and they told me that the turbo needs to be changed. I have a warranty but the warranty company said that they don't cover wear and tear within the first 90 days of the policy (which I'm still in). My question to you is, are they right? Or is it, like my mechanic said, just a way for them to make sure they won't pay for it? If they are liable, what are my options?
All independent warranty insurers only offer limited cover for the first 90 days to help prevent people from committing insurance fraud by taking out a policy to cover a pre-existing fault. So the company is not liable. Had you taken out the cover to immediately follow the manufacturer's warranty, then you would have been covered.
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