Should I have the oil pipes changed to avoid the turbo becoming blocked?

I have a 2014 Volvo XC60 Twin Turbo, which has done 40,000 miles. Should I have the oil pipes changed at the next service? I know you're often saying they can get blocked. I do a lot of long journeys, sometimes 600 mile each day. As I normally travel at 70mph in the UK and 80mph in parts of Europe, do I need to let the turbo cool down when stopping?
Changing the turbo oil feed and oil return pipes might be an over-sensible precaution. But if the engine has stop-start and instead of switching itself off when you stop at motorway services it keeps running, leave it running for a minute or two. Good stop-start uses heat sensors, so it does not automatically shut down the engine when the turbo (turbos) are too hot.
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