How much should I expect Land Rover to contribute to my engine repair?

I have owned and loved a Land Rover Discovery 4 for the last 6 years and the mileage is 59,500. Two weeks ago catastrophic engine failure occurred. This was due to movement of crankshaft bearing shells, which led to oil starvation and failure of said bearing and complete engine seizure. The dealer has confirmed this as the root cause. The car has always been serviced, on schedule, at dealership. From research, this appears to be a known fault in the engine (if I can believe forums). How much do you think is reasonable to expect Land Rover to contribute to the repair? Bearing in mind that this is basically a new engine install, which dealer is quoting at £22,250.
Start threatening the supplying dealer that you intend to sue for the cost of a new engine in the Small Claims track of the County Court. Get 3 quotations for a new engine below £10,000 ( so you come under the Small Claims limit and refute the ridiculous dealer quotation of £22,500. Law here:
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