My Vauxhall Meriva needs a new engine - do I have any recourse against Vauxhall?

I have a 2010 Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 turbo that's around 41,000 miles. Driving on the motorway last week, it began to lose power and then completely died. Had it recovered by the RAC and taken to a local garage. Both have said there is no compression and I'm looking at a new engine. Given its only done 41,000 miles, do I have any recourse against Vauxhall for them to replace the engine?
It's more than six years old, so no liability by Vauxhall or by the original supplying dealer. This would have depended on its maintenance record anyway. If wholly Vauxhall serviced and always on time then they might have a case to answer. We might be starting to get more reports of failures of the 1.4T in Meriva and Astra. Not a deluge, but a few more, suggesting there might be a problem. Could be from not idling the engine before switching off when the turbo is very hot. This ends up carbonising the oil in the oil feed to the turbo and cutting down oil circulation.
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