What's the best method for running-in a new EcoBoost?

I'm due to collect my new Ford with the EcoBoost petrol engine. Do new cars still have a running-in period? Is there anything to be careful of with this type of engine?
Just drive normally, avoiding labouring the engine and avoiding high revs (over 4500rpm) for the first 1000 miles. If you will be doing motorway driving, avoid sustained speed at the same rpm, but the traffic will probably do this for you anyway. Make regular underbonnet checks every few days for the first week or two in case something was missed during production or in the pre-delivery inspection. Look for leaks or for anything loose. And check the tyre pressures. A lot of cars are delivered on storage pressures of 40PSI or more when the tyres should be 30-31PSI cold.
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