Skoda Octavia leaking oil into coolant

My Skoda Octavia vRS TSI (2016 model) broke down on the weekend. The AA and the local Skoda dealership confirm oil in the coolant (thick emulsified residue around the sides of the expansion tank) plus loss of coolant. The car has only done about 1950 miles. The dealership and technical department at Skoda UK both seem at a loss as to why this has happened. All they can suggest is flushing the system and giving it a road test, which doesn't go to sorting the underlying problem. I understand that your can-by-car database has details of one other vRS with oil in the coolant. With my permission can you release my email address to that person? I want to see what he has done and whether his garage could speak to mine. My son was talking to you a few days ago about it, just so that you don't think it is another car Thanks very much. Mark Turner.
The reason in the other case was failure of the waterpump and that is probably your problem. Why didn't you simply look it up? (This is a reasonable question because if readers cannot use our car by car database we need to find out why.) Link here:
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