Franchised dealer vs specialist garage

My 2010 Audi A3 cabriolet had an engine management light come up. I took it to a reputable local Audi specialist who traced the code to the cooling fan. They checked the fan, which was fine, and reset the code. Unfortunately the management light has come up again a day later, and the garage has recommended replacing the cooling fan. I rang my local Audi dealer to see what they would quote for the work, and they have suggested they run their own diagnostics initially (for a charge). My question is whether paying for further Audi diagnostics is going to show anything different that changes the work that needs to be done to the car?
Leave it with them to replace the fan but tell them if the light comes on again then you hold them fully responsible for any further repair. (It's actually more likely to be the temp sensor/sender switch than the fan motor, and that's a lot cheaper.)
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