Audi A3 Factory Oil Fill. What's your advice?

Had the car one week. Was handed 1l of Castrol SLX Pro Longlife (now replaced by Edge 5w-30) on collection! After approx 180 miles on second day, I checked the oil and found the level half way between "full" and "top up now". At 300 miles, today, it hasn't used any more oil. I've read everything I can find on your website about Audi and oil and conclude: a) oil level was low to start, but will watch it. b) I would be happier to run to 1000 mls on a high spec mineral oil then swap to the full synthetic. The dealer won't like it, but how will this affect my warranty do you think? Incidentally, the dealer charges £90 for an interim oil change (I only do 5000 mls per annum) "Oil costs £18 per litre" they say. I just bought 8 litres for £64. (it won't get any cheaper I think). I would appreciate some advice here as I intend to keep the car long term. It seems crazy to let Audi treat a decent car this way just to keep Fleet operators happy. I'm sure dealers would rather do annual servicing.
Stick to the specified oil, then there can be no dispute. But change it every year. See this FAQ:
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