Two breakdowns following Volvo services - are they linked?

In July 2014 my 2007 Volvo XC90 was serviced by my local dealer. Within 100 miles it lost power and limped along at a top speed of 25mph. The fault was diagnosed as a butterfly valve, as a cost of £900. In March 2016 same car was looked at by the same dealer; including "Free Volvo Health Check". Within 300 miles we had same symptoms - diagnosis was air conditioning /intercooler systems. Cost £1200. Should I complain to the dealer? Is this linked with the service or a coincidence?
You say your Volvo XC90 is 2007. That makes it nine years old, and seven years old when the first problem occurred. So these are simply faults with an old car outside any liability of the original supplier or the manufacturer: I'll add your problems to the list in the Good and Bad section here:
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