My Volkswagen dealership lost my Touran's service book - must I have a 'replacement' book?

I bought an approved Volkswagen Touran from a main dealer. The service book wasn't stamped but the dealer said they would stamp it up with the three services that were on the Volkswagen system. A week later they have told me they have lost the official service book for the car, but have replaced it with a Volkswagen duplicate book with all the stamps. My main concern is the fact that the front page of the book has a paragraph stating "information entered within may not be truly representative of the actual vehicle service history" and there is no detail at all in this book - just pages for stamps. They tell me that Volkswagen does not issue other service books and only uses duplicate books - is this right or should I be able to demand they replace my service book with another official Touran one? I just don't want my car losing value when I come to sell it on later.
If a service book is lost, a replacement service book will state that it is a replacement book.
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