Nissan Note problems - what's the cheapest fix?

My 2008 Note recently had its annual service at a local Nissan garage, but I want to question two of their recommendations. The first problem is the lights on the dashboard behind the rev counter and speedo have gone, meaning I can't see how fast I am going if it is dark. Nissan have said that the only solution is to buy in a new 'dash cluster' from Japan, at a cost of £579. The second problem is that my key remote creates a screeching sound from the car when it locks, and occasionally the driver door won't open from inside. Nissan's answer to this is to replace the door lock system for £258. Are these the only options? They seem very expensive.
1st problem. That can be fixed by someone such as or 2nd problem. The lock servos need lubricating. There may be an access hole on the door frame filled by a removable grommet through which WD40 can be sprayed.
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