Resetting the Nissan Note service indicator

I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to reset the service indicator "flashing spanner" on my 11 plate Nissan Note, 1.5 dCi. I had it serviced at a local garage who said that they couldn't work out how to do it. I can't find anything in the manual and all of the answers I get from the internet seem to be for the older model. Keep up the good work, reading your website virtually every day is my work day highlight.
The latest info that I can find is:
1. Switch ignition on
2. Within 10 secs press and hold the button to the right of the display for 3 seconds.
3. Service interval indicator will flash .
4. Repeatedly press the button to set the distance remaining to the next service (in miles)
5. Release the button when desired figure is achieved.
6. Wait 5 seconds and then switch ignition off.

I can't understand why the garage did not reset it for you - if they are a Nissan dealership or not, they should be able to reset after a service.

Hope this helps, but as I said this is the latest info that I can find.
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